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We, at Walmark, think that health is essential, because it determines every important thing in our life: family, relationships, goals, dreams…

Without health, everything else is secondary. This is why we believe that all people should listen to their body and do something for their health. We want to inspire and support people to build healthy habits. For this, we are proud to provide innovative, high quality products and services that are inspired by the needs of over 100 000 000 consumers in Central-Eastern Europe.



However we live in the 21st century, women are still afraid of talking about their intimate problems, women still think of their intimate parts as something shameful. Let’s change this by starting a conversation and help woman understand their body and the source of their intimate problems and get to know the proper treatments, hygiene and prevention.

The first line of product is Idelyn Beliema that was made for healing and preventing vaginal infections. Our mission is “Restoring female power” which means not only to support women’s health with great products, but also boosting their confidence and self-esteem, starting a conversation to liberate and inspire them to speak freely even about their most intimate issues.

Join us on our mission to restore female power

Idelyn has come to life to liberate and empower women, break down the taboos, shame and fear about their intimate parts and problems. We believe it is important to become a brand that can inspire women in all countries to get their stronger, braver and more confident selves back.

With Idelyn a new conversation about the vagina has just begun and there are still a lot more exciting products and topics to come in the near future.


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Phone: +420 558 301 348


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