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By Idelyn

Have you seen your own vagina?

If you think everyone knows their own body, you are mistaken. A study conducted in the eighties has already proven that many women have no idea about what their own vaginas looks like. A psychologist in New York, Lucille Blum asked dozens of women to draw their own genitalia. The results were shocking: more than half of them forgot o draw their clitoris.


Never seen

Although more than 20 years have passed, the situation has not really changed. An American fitness trainer posted a very strange question on the internet: he was looking for women who have never seen their vaginas before. Not one, not two but dozens answered. What’s more surprising: they were not teenagers but women in their thirties, forties and even their fifties.

Those asked listed several reasons why they have never examined themselves down there. Some thought they were too fat, others did not have the confidence and thought it would be ugly and unfortunately some of them suffered from earlier traumas like rape and abuse.


Can save lives

It is possible that you have never considered it important to examine your own vagina. But if this is true, you have to know: this is not a good idea. Knowing your own body is important both for psychological and health reasons. But why?

„It is a liberating feeling to know our own bodies” - answered earlier Dr. Alyssa Dweck, American gynaecologist. The author of the book, V for Vagina also warned that the regular examination of the genitalia can help prevent very serious health problems.

New moles, wounds, blisters or even unusually thick vaginal discharge are all a good reason for making an appointment with your doctor.

„If you notice something unusual, go and visit your gynaecologist” - this is the advice of our expert as well. Of course, we have to add that you have to regularly examine yourself, otherwise you will not know what is normal.


This is how you do it

If you decide to act, this is what you should do: take a small mirror, go into the bathroom and put one of your legs onto the toilet or the edge of the bathtub. This is the angle from which your vagina is most visible and this is how you can guarantee your female parts long and happy lives. We wish you a pleasant looking!

Don’t be afraid!

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