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If I love myself, do I care for my vagina more?

If I love myself, then I love the whole world. This is a lesson that should be learnt already in childhood.If I love myself, then I love the whole world. This is a lesson that should be learnt already in childhood.


Idelyn expert

We have to admit, children in school participate in an eight hour game of „who can find a bigger mistake”. They are scolded for everything, being punished for moving around, for speaking, for eating too slowly, for eating too quickly. They pretty soon get used to looking for mistakes everywhere. The game doesn't stop with little girls becoming young women: don't wear your hair like this, don't put on that dress. All this leads to one thing: girls – and later women – only pay attention to their vagina if they find a mistake, if something is wrong.


„If I don't pay attention to my body, it will have consequences. But at the same time, caring for myself will have consequences as well.”


How can we direct ourselves towards a balanced life?

Instead of focusing on mistakes, we should focus on love – at least at home. We should tell our child that she is somebody to be loved, so as a grown woman she should have confidence and be able to stand up for herself.

As women, we should not complain to our friends all the time but focus on why we feel good, why we are content with our life and pay attention to what we are proud of.

It is important to learn that even in a loving environment, a person will only be really happy if not only her soul but also her body is healthy.

Tending for our body is part of our lives: having a shower, brushing our teeth, washing our hair, using moisturising creams, applying makeup are all part of a woman's daily routine.

It is worth including the care of those „invisible” body parts in our routine. We care for our bodies during menstruation, but it should also be done when we are not bleeding. Accept your femininity as it is!

Apart from personal hygiene, preventive visits at the doctor are a must. Regularly visit your GP, your dentist and your gynaecologist, because their reassuring answers will affect your mental health and your self-confidence. If both our body and soul is healthy, we will establish a relationship more easily. If we are healthy and know our bodies, our chance of a harmonic and balanced sex life will also be much bigger.

Intim hygiene is important as well that is why we have developed Idelyn Beliema Expert Intimate Wash with the help of gynecologists. It cleans, destroys bacteria and restores the natural PH-levels of the vagina. You can use it every day to prevent bacterial and yeast infection.


Expert tip

It is worth consciously paying attention to the balance, to care for both body and soul. If you cannot go to the gym because of a hard week at the office, make up for the lost time next week. If you finally managed to visit you gynaecologist after months of delay, make the next appointment there, so that it won't happen again.


Idelyn Expert