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By Idelyn

Love your vagina and it will love you back

Would you like to have the perfect vagina? Accept your femininity as it is, and live longer instead of feeling sorry for yourself!


Spend just a few minutes reading a female forum on the internet and you will be shocked. „ I am afraid my vagina is too ugly. „One side is bigger than the other. What will my new boyfriend say?” „In school they told me it smelled like fish. Since then, I don’t like to undress before the others.”

There are more and more women who are not satisfied with their vagina, but this is a big mistake. How could you enjoy sex if you are afraid that your partner won’t like your intimate parts? And how will you consider yourself a beautiful woman if you don’t like what’s down there?


Is erotic films to blame?

We know very well that it is not easy to meet the demands of modern world. Just think of porn movies: have you ever seen an unshaven adult actress with spots on her vagina? Of course, not. Because of unrealistic expectations, many women are unable to accept that reality is far from the movies. You may not agree with this, but have you ever spent an hour in the bathroom before a date to be just perfect? You probably have.  


Don’t shame your vagina!

The phenomenon is quite new and it already has a name: vagina shaming. Today’s society makes women believe that they are only desired if their female parts are perfect. The truth is: the perfect vagina does not exist. They are bigger and smaller, lighter and darker, asymmetric and sometimes even spotty. And you know what? This is no problem at all. The problem begins when you are not able to accept your own body. If you don’t have self-confidence, even your life may be at stake.

Read our blogger’s article about the video in witch grown up women who have never seen what’s in between their legs, take a closer look at their vagina. The result is surprising.

More sex, longer life

A few years ago an American study revealed that those who are satisfied with their vagina, not only have more sex but visit their gynaecologist more often. Female participants in the study had to answer questions with a yes or no like „I think my vagina smells nice” or „my vagina is beautiful. They were listed as „satisfied” or „unsatisfied” according to their answers.

Scientists were of course not surprised with the fact that women with more self-confidence were more likely to undress before their partners and had more sex, but it was more interesting to see that they also went to the gynaecologist more often. This means that those who are satisfied with their vaginas are more conscious about their health and this may even save their lives. Lesson: love your vagina and it will love you back!