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By Idelyn

Love yourself, your body will love you back

Love yourself and your whole life will change – many of us have probably heard this advice before. Yet, not many of us realize that self-confidence not only changes our lives, but may also make it longer..


This is especially true for women who are often raised to think that their bodies – especially their vaginas – are something to be ashamed of. They believe that it is not appropriate to talk about vaginas when everything is all right, and especially not when a problem arises.

It is not surprising that many suffer in silence instead of going to a gynecologist. Some are just afraid to talk about their symptoms to a stranger, others are reluctant to undress and there are those who don’t want to get embarrassing questions. Yet, doctors say this is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves.

“A thorough gynecological examination is recommended once a year, even if we feel we are completely healthy. There are loads of illnesses that don’t cause any symptoms and if we are afraid to visit a doctor, our condition may deteriorate” – explained a gynecologist why it is of outmost importance to regularly do check-ups.

Of course, even experts know that many women skip examinations because they are embarrassed about their bodies and their vaginas.

“We are here to heal and not to judge. We swore an oath to keep our patients healthy and cure them when they are sick, if necessary. We cannot judge them, but in order to find the right cure, it is very important to be familiar with their symptoms and how they started” – he added.

All this means that doctors can only help if women talk freely about their problems. In order to achieve this, everybody must be familiar with their bodies and not to be ashamed of it. We might live in the 21st century, but many women still think that having a vagina is something to be embarrassed about.  

“I had a patient who was really hard to work with because she could hardly say what her problems were, she was so afraid to talk about it. After the initial exam, she didn’t show up for the follow-up. Several weeks later, she asked for an emergency appointment as her symptoms had gotten so bad. On the other hand, those patients who like their bodies, are proud of their femininity and are not afraid to talk about their problems come to my office much more often. This not only makes my job easier, but can also save their own lives.”

The expert’s advice is not to be embarrassed about our own bodies, learn to be proud of it even if there is a problem with it. Because if shame wins, it is not only harmful for our soul, but for our body as well.