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By Idelyn

Name your vagina!

Little chick, kitten, oyster, garden of peach blossoms. Would you ever think these words all mean the same? Yes, you guessed it right: these are all nicknames used for the vagina in different places of the world. But what should we do if we don't want to call our vagina cheese tortilla like they do in Salvador?


Everything but the pussy

Whatever may be our choice, one thing is for certain: it sounds strange to call your vagina your fanny or your pussy, even if these are the most popular expressions inherited from childhood. Men, on the other hand, are lucky. Penis is slightly official, but it can still be used. How about dick? Even women are not shy to say it. And let's face it, we have met men who named their private parts and we didn't even laugh at them.

But what is the reason for all this? We are not afraid to speak out loud the word penis, while mentioning women's private parts makes us blush. The answer is easy: if something doesn't have a name, it doesn't exist. We don't have to deal with it, it doesn't cause any problems, and what's more important: it doesn't tempt us. Unfortunately, the vagina is still a taboo in our society. It was forbidden to speak about it for centuries, and it is not easy to get rid of old habits.


Puzzled porn stars

But this is the twenty first century. Women – at least in most countries – can drive, have the right to vote and what's more important: can have sex whenever and with whoever they want. It would be high time for them to be able to freely talk about their vagina. Of course, this will not be easy. A few years ago a famous porn director asked his followers on his blog for advice. The results were catastrophic: although nobody favoured obscene nicknames, they had no real ideas for a solution.  

Finding an acceptable name would be a great step forward for female sexuality. Sex educators all agree that the acceptance of our own bodies starts with calling everything by its name.

„Don't be afraid to call your vagina whatever you want, it will be liberating” - writes Jelto Drenth, one of the most well known Dutch sexologists. “It is not a vulva, not an intimate part and certainly not „down there, these expressions only add to the taboos” - added the expert in an interview. Yet, even he had no suggestion as to what the vagina should be called. „Maybe you should ask the women” - he said and this is exactly what we are doing right now.


Expert advice!

Why don't we have a good name for the vagina? Our expert thinks that our vocabulary largely depends on the relationship with our own intimate parts.

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