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By Idelyn's blogger

Do you love and accept yourself?

There are two types of women. One is trying hard to live up to the expectations of others without paying attention to her own needs, and falls apart under the burden of it in the long run. Then there are women who work hard to reach a certain level of self-knowledge and –acceptance, and do their best to – besides being a nurturing partner and mother, possibly – improve themselves, too. The latter falls apart a couple of times as well, but at least it's easier to rebuild herself from pieces. Which one would you like to be?


The modern woman of our society has a number of choices in her life. She can decide for herself whether or not she wants to get married and start a family, or fulfill her dreams in another way. This kind of freedom goes with a wide range of expectations, thus it's important to have a clear vision of what truly makes you happy. Don't forget: no matter what you opt for, you can only make others happy if you are content with your life yourself.  

Regardless of your lifestyle choices, it's important to find the time to pay attention to your mental and physical well-being. There is no point in running around in uncomfortable, tight but sexy clothes, and going through extreme diet and exercise to stay fit. There is no point in working day and night instead of others, neither in the workplace nor at home: there should be a balance in your life to be able to hear your own needs.

No matter how much you love your family and/or job, the decisions made about your lifestyle should be built on your own health and well-being in the first place. It may sound selfish if you are a mom of three, but believe me: your kids will be much happier if you are a well-balanced, calm person with a job and/or hobby you enjoy and get some time to deal with. There is no need to sacrifice yourself: a strong woman knows that there is no point in turning into a virago or a martyrmother, as it only destroys everyone around herself, besides her.  A proper relationship is built on shared values and tasks, not the exploitation of the weaker person.. It's essential to communicate your needs while you – as the queen of your home – take care of your loved ones.   

From time to time, you should take a look at the mirror and ask yourself: are you happy with your your body, including your private parts? Are you accepting the unique nature of your vagina, are you in harmony with your sexual orientation and appetite? Are you paying attention to and taking care of it, and go to see a doctor as soon as you find anything out of norm? In case of a disease, a problem, are you in the mental state to start healing as soon as possible, and survive? Your chances to be healthy in the long run are definitely better if you are a well-balanced, strong woman, the one who possesses not only the positive self-image, but also the time and money to get well.   

I do my best to be this woman. The one who is able to do this for herself and her loved ones. It’s not always easy, but all the triumphs make me feel like it’s worth it. How do you feel about it all?

Idelyn Blogger