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 Idelyn® Beliema® range for bacterial and yeast vaginal infections

Vaginal health depends on balanced equilibrium of vaginal ecosystem. The vaginal ecosystem is a complex environment that consists of different species of bacteria which form physiological microflora. Vaginal epithelial cells produce large amounts of glycogen, which breaks down into glucose and the glucose is converted to lactic acid by the dominant microorganism of physiological microflora, Lactobacillus. This process maintains the vaginal pH at a highly acidic level of 3.5–4.5. These factors create a natural defence against vaginal infections.

The dynamic equilibrium of this ecosystem is challenged constantly by factors like sexual activity, antibiotic therapy, contraceptive use, fitness, gyms, whirlpools, swimming pools, during long trips, using public toilets, etc. If some of these factors interrupt balanced equilibrium, the potential pathogens(bacteria, yeast) in vaginal microflora start to growth, dominate and results to inflammation called vaginitis.

Therefore product which contains Lactobacillus and Lactic acid like Beliema® Effect could very effectively brings back vaginal ecosystem to balanced equilibrium, stops growth of bacteria, yeastand also remove of unpleasant itching, irritation, burning vaginal discharge and unwanted odours. Beliema® Effect in form of vaginal tablet is useful in all cases of temporary alteration of the vaginal flora.

I recommend using Beliema® Effect tablets together with complementary products from Beliema range , which are helpful for more synergic  treatment of symptoms both bacterial and yeast vaginal infections. Symptoms of external genital inflammation are mainly sensation of itching and burning.

Therefore in collaboration with gynaecologists we  developed two other specific products , which effectively remove these symptoms. First one is Beliema® Expert Intimate Cream intended on external use for soothing and bringing immediate reliefduring vaginal infection. It is efficient for removal of unpleasant feeling of itching, irritation and burning.

The second one is Beliema® Expert Intimate Wash developed specially for protection against or during intimate infection, which can be also used for daily good hygiene and for removal of unpleasant feelings caused due to everyday activities and sweating.

 Both product contain antimicrobial agent chlorhexidine, which stops growth of bacteria and yeast and special patented prebiotics BioEcolia®, which helps restore the natural micro-flora of the skin.

Ritch composition of both products makes them unique on the market.

Beliema® Expert Intimate Cream contains additionally Hyaluronic acid (for better hydration), lactic acid, boric acid (to adjust pH to physiological level), vitamins E and B5 in form of pro-vitamin, marigold extract with soothing properties and for suppressing itching sensations.

Beliema® Expert Intimate Wash also contains gentle foaming substances, Hyaluronic acid for better hydration, lactic acid to adjust pH to physiological level, Aloe Vera extract for soothing and for suppressing itching sensations.

Beliema® Effect for intravaginal use and Beliema® Cream and Wash for external use are the unique combination of product design to heal and treat the bacterial or yeast infection especially in the beginning of first symptoms appear.



Dr. Martin Procházka, Ph. D.