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Idelyn Beliema Expert
Effect Tablets

When you start having the first signs of vaginal infections, do you ever get confused whether it is caused by bacteria or yeast? No wonder, as at home it is almost impossible to diagnose , which one causes your symptoms. Well, the good news is, with Beliema Effect Tablets you don’t have to be an expert of infections. (And who would want to be that kind of expert anyway.)

Beliema Effect Tablets contain Special composition of 2 active ingredients with proven effect, which stops growth of bacteria & yeast by bringing back the healthy vaginal balance.

It contains live lactobacilli and lactic acid, in order to restore the natural vaginal microflora in the case of either bacterial or yeast infections. It not only heals the burning sensation but stops vaginal discharge and unwanted odours as well. It dissolves within a few minutes.

Idelyn Beliema Expert vaginal tablets with two components heal your vagina, even when you are not sure about the cause. So you can get your healthy self back!

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