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Yeast or bacteria?
No worries!
Yeast or bacteria?
Who can tell
the difference?
Idelyn Beliema

You are easy-going, you are confident, you are perfect the way you are – and then oops….you have a vaginal infection.
So what? Why should you stress over things that have a solution? That would simply not be you.

Lucky for all, you cannot go wrong with Idelyn Beliema products, even if you don’t have a clue about what causes your problems. Yeast or bacteria, all the same: use Beliema products to heal, relieve and protect your vagina, whatever the cause. Start acting after you feel first symptoms. Stop the development of infection . It can be also used for prevention.

Idelyn Beliema has a whole system of keeping your vagina healthy balance. Want to restore your vaginal health without having to worry about whether the infection is caused by yeast or bacteria? No worries, just use Beliema Effect Tablets. Not feeling comfortable during an infection? Beliema Expert Intimate Cream with soothing and antibacterial ingredients gives you a swift relief from itching and burning. Worried about your favourite public place giving you an infection? You don’t have to: use Beliema Expert Intimate Wash and keep the symptoms away. No stress, just your easy-going self. Get all of you back!